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St Mary's Church

About St Mary's Church
The Church, originally known as the "Mother Church" or the "Cathedral on the marshes", was founded in 670 AD. It was the first church to be built in Thanet, and was probably built of mud and twigs.

A second Church was built on the site, but the actual date is unknown, the oldest part, the original staircase wand watchtower, dates back as far as the 12th Century. At the top of the new staircase, a massive Norman tower carries a peal of five ancient bells, four of which are dated from the early 17th Century.

The Nave has stood in its present form since about 1150, but the church has stood on this site from a much earlier period. On the West side of the church, Roman bricks have been used in the walls and tower, where a much older building has been incorporated into the structure.

Many years ago, the sea would have come right up to the churchyard wall, which acted as a barrier, during the high tides. The turret would have served as a watch tower for shipping.

The church was completely renovated in 1970, but lost it's steeple in the hurricane of 1987. It was restored in 1989.

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