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Why not visit Minster Abbey, St Mary's Church and of course Minster Museum

You will be assured of a warm welcome!

Minster Abbey

Opening Times
The Abbey is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday from 11am-12midday.
Between May and October visitors are also welcome from 2pm-4.30pm.

About Minster Abbey
The first English monastery was founded on the Abbey site in 670AD. This original building was destroyed by the Vikings in the 9th Century. The Abbey was burnt to the ground, killing about 70 nuns and townspeople who had fled to the Abbey for safety. The remains now lie beneath the lawn of the current Abbey.

The Abbey was rebuilt and in 1027 AD, was given to the Monks of St Augustine's Abbey in Canterbury. The Saxon Wing of this building is still standing. The south wall of the abbey was added within 100 years of the Norman Conquest in 1066, and so the Abbey stands today.

It is possibly the oldest inhabited house in the country.

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