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Why not visit Minster Abbey, St Mary's Church and of course Minster Museum

You will be assured of a warm welcome!

About Minster

Although now some miles away from the coastline, up until the 11th Century the village of Minster lay right on the estuary to the River Wantsum, making it one on the nearest ports to the continent. Ships used to sail past on their way to London, and regularly anchored off on what are now arable fields, below the Church ground.

In the year 449 the Jutish chieftains, Hengist and Horsa landed in the Parish of Minster and established the first recorded settlement of what was to become the English Race.

The village's name comes form the Saxon word 'minstre' meaning "Church" or "Monastery". This name was probably the direct results of the erection of the nunnery, in the seventh century.

In the year 597 St. Augustine landed on the shores of Minster and brought Christianity to the people of England.

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